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Writer's Block: Overcoming Obstacles

What’s the most dangerous or frightening thing you’ve faced in your life? How did you overcome it?

I guess it would have to be a figurative danger, since I haven't exactly swam with sharks or confronted a mugger. So...I really don't know. I've lived a pretty charmed life. I consider myself incredibly lucky. Sometimes I feel guilty about having never really worked for what I have, but it's more productive to just be appreciative and humble instead. Most of my fears are imaginary.

I hung out by the pool twice this week. The weather's getting sooooo beautiful. I know I only have a few weeks of this before it's just abysmally hot, so I'm trying to enjoy it. Thing is, I can't really lay still for that long without getting antsy. So it's a gradual tanning process. My iPod being broken doesn't help any, because now I have to listen to the other college students talk about how unfair their classes are or what they're like when they're drunk. Compelling stuff.

I feel silly talking about this, but there's this girl in my French class who's really cool and I want to make friends with her. This never happens to me, so I don't know how to go about it. All of the friends I have were made out of doing something together, like theatre or video projects, so I'm hoping to go that route. She's in my presentation group, and she said she's into creative writing and acting, so you'd think this would be a lot easier for me, but...I'm shy I guess. ): It'd be weird if I just wrote a script with a part for her and then called her up with the pretense of acting in my movie, right?

A buddy o' mine sent me this super cool website that shows you where local farms, grocers, farmer's markets, and other places that sells locally grown and/or organic food! You can get vegetables, eggs, chickens, honey, fruit...anything that naturally grows in your area. Most of the time it'll cost just as much as it does in a supermarket, and it's really worth it to support local farmers. Sometimes what you want won't be in season, but then, that's the way it should be. Shit don't always grow year-round holmes. http://www.localharvest.org/

I also started following Stephen Fry on twitter and of course he posts the most interesting and/or darling things. He's probably my favorite celebrity ever. Also shitmydadsays is reason enough to own a twitter account. "I didn't say you were ugly. I said your girlfriend is better looking than you, and standing next to her, you look ugly."

What else...I'm still worried about some of my classes but if I work harder for the rest of the semester it shouldn't be too bad. Only two of the classes are giving me shit, but. I'm trying not to panic. So what if I get kicked out and can't go to film school? Ahahahaha.

I better get to work.